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Mondi PLC is a leading global packaging and paper company headquartered in the UK. With operations across more than 30 countries, Mondi provides paper and plastic packaging solutions to various industries.

If you’re considering adding consumer staples to your investment portfolio, you may want to keep an eye on this company.


Read on for an in-depth look at what investors should know about this global packaging giant.


Mondi Share Price in 2023

The stock is traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MNDI. Below are the highest and closing prices for each month:

First Quarter

  • January 2023: High of 1,550.50p, close of 1,523p
  • February 2023: High of 1,601p, close of 1,396.50p
  • March 2023: High of 1,438p, close of 1,282p

Second Quarter

  • April 2023: High of 1,315.50p, close of 1,265p
  • May 2023: High of 1,327.50p, close of 1,245p
  • June 2023: High of 1,303p, close of 1,199p

Third Quarter

  • July 2023: High of 1,375.50p, close of 1,365.50p
  • August 2023: High of 1,366.50p, close of 1,314p
  • September 2023: High of 1,408p, close of 1,372.50p

Fourth Quarter

  • October 2023: High of 1,421p, close of 1,329p
  • November 2023: High of 1,440.50p, close of 1,407p
  • December 2023: High of 1,563.50p, close of 1,537.50p

Looking at the highest and lowest closing prices, we see Mondi stock traded from 1,245p to 1,537.50p during 2023. The highest close came at the end of December, while the lowest was in May.

There was significant volatility, especially in the first quarter. From a 2023 opening price of around 1,523p, the stock fell over 15% to the May lows before recovering.

The upward trend from May through December brought the Mondi share price back near the starting 2023 levels.

Factors impacting the stock in 2023 likely included macroeconomic issues like high inflation and recession fears and company-specific dynamics in Mondi’s packaging markets.


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Early 2024 Shows Ongoing Fluctuations


An ascending red arrow stands in contrast to a descending teal arrow


In early January 2024, the Mondi share price hit a high of 1,556p before closing at 1,444p.

This drop of over 7% from the monthly peak reveals investors remain cautious on consumer staples and packaging stocks in the face of macroeconomic uncertainty.

While Mondi’s healthy dividend yield above 4% adds support, the company is not immune to broader equity market swings.


As we move deeper into 2024, the Mondi share price will likely continue reacting to factors like:

  • Global economic growth projections
  • Raw material costs, especially for paper and resins,
  • Consumer spending trends
  • E-commerce demand affecting packaging needs
  • Greener packaging regulations in various markets
  • Mondi’s financial results and forward guidance

Barring any significant downturn, however, the company appears positioned to deliver modest growth supported by its exposure to defensive, essential packaging markets.


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Assessing Mondi for a 2024 Investment

Given the data and trends we’ve analyzed, is Mondi stock a buy for 2024?


Here are some key investment considerations:

1. Diversified Packaging Markets

Mondi is a versatile company that serves various industries. Due to its diversified portfolio, the company can maintain stability, as strengths in other areas can offset downturns in one area.

This adaptability allows Mondi to stay resilient in the face of various challenges and continue to provide value to its customers across multiple sectors.

2. Exposure to Growing End-Markets


A man is affixing a tape to a box for secure handling


Mondi’s paper and flexible plastic solutions are expected to experience a surge in demand due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce, sustainable packaging, and convenience food.

The company is committed to investing in new technologies and processes to meet these industries’ evolving needs.

This enables the company to offer innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the specific requirements of its customers.

3. Strong Financial Position

Mondi ensures that it sustains an investment-grade credit rating, maintains a manageable level of debt, and generates high cash flow.

These factors enable Mondi to support its capital allocation priorities, which include investing in promising ventures, paying dividends to its shareholders, and selectively pursuing acquisitions that can help the company grow and succeed.

4. Disciplined Capital Allocation Strategy

Management emphasizes return on capital discipline, targeting projects with five-year or less payback periods. This thoughtful approach helps ensure investments generate adequate returns.

5. Competitive Advantages

Mondi’s size, geographic breadth, and integration across the packaging value chain give it advantages in securing raw materials and serving regional customer bases.

6. Sustainability Focus

The company actively works to improve environmental performance across its operations and continues innovating eco-friendly packaging options for customers.

7. Healthy Dividend

Investors looking for a reliable and consistent income source may find Mondi an attractive option.

With a current yield of approximately 4.42%, Mondi generates a stable cash flow that supports its dividend payments.

This makes it a lucrative investment opportunity for those seeking a steady income stream.


Beyond the Surface,

Mondi still faces risks, including higher input costs eating into margins, unfavourable forex movements, slowing consumer spending if economies falter, and ongoing pandemic impacts disrupting operations.

Packaging markets are also highly competitive. However, the Mondi share price weakness in 2023 appears to have already priced in many of these risks.

While the stock may remain choppy in 2024, the valuations look reasonable for long-term investors after the pullback.

With a price-to-earnings ratio below 10x and a secure dividend, Mondi offers an attractive profile relative to peers. For investors seeking defensive stocks with inflation-fighting income, Mondi deserves attention.


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Final Thoughts

Mondi share price experienced significant volatility over 2023 as the company navigated global economic challenges and input cost inflation.

After recovering from mid-year lows, the stock remains prone to macro-driven swings in early 2024 amid an uncertain outlook.

However, Mondi boasts quality packaging assets serving resilient end markets across paper and plastics. The company maintains strong margins, cash flow generation, and a commitment to balancing investments and shareholder returns.

For long-term investors, Mondi represents a stable option to gain exposure to essential consumer packaging while collecting an above-average dividend.

While patience may be required through any near-term bumps, the risk-reward profile appears favourable for accumulation at current levels.

Monitoring Mondi’s upcoming quarterly results and management commentary on 2024 expectations can provide further insight.


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