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Staying Protected Online


Important information about how to stay safe online operates globally, in multiple languages and with regulated entities in the UK, EU, Australia, South Africa and BVI.

How to protect yourself online



Fraudsters commonly attempt to obtain your personal information by impersonating a trusted company and/or presenting themselves as its employees, using similar email domains. Watch out for suspicious emails where the domains appear similar to an official source but with a tweak. These emails often contain spelling mistakes or improper formatting.

Secure browsing

Secure browsing

Check that the websites domain always starts with https://secured.

viruses and malware

Viruses and malware

Do not download files or programs from unknown sources to any of your devices.

Disclosing data

Disclosing data

Never share your password details or sensitive account information with anyone (such as credit card details). or other reputable companies would never ask for these details. Further, make sure that your personal data is not kept on unprotected hardware where it can become available to third party malware or hackers.

Consult Regulators

Consult Regulators

We urge you to consult the respective country’s regulator website, before conducting business with any investment firms, in order to ascertain which entities are licensed to provide investment services and/or investment activities and their approved domains. Additionally, most Regulators maintain approved and non-approved domains which will further assist you to ascertain if a domain is approved by the regulator.

Suspicious contacts impersonating does not engage in any type of investment or trading advice.

Our services do not extend to asset management or guaranteeing profits or any types of returns on investments. Employees of will never contact you to persuade you to invest or open a specific position or guarantee any profits. If you receive this type of communication, you should cross-check the information provided by them with our company details available in the footer of our website and inform them you will report it to the local authorities.

Under no circumstances any employees of will ever contact you requesting to make a deposit and wire your money anywhere.

The decision to fund your account is entirely yours and we can assist you with your request by contacting Customer Support. The only time we will ever contact you directly about payment is if your account funds fall below the necessary margin requirements (margin call). In the event you are contacted by anyone who asks you to make a deposit or wire your money anywhere – very likely, this is an attempt to defraud you. does not manage your account, your account is managed solely by you. It is important to mention that in relation to any payment to fund your account with us, the bank account details will have as billing descriptor the company’s legal name. We note that the company’s payment details and solutions are available online via our cashier.

High Risk Investment Warning.

Furthermore, no profits are promised, and as our High Risk Investment Warning clearly states, CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money.

Kindly note that our contact details can always be found in the footer of our website.

Scammers at times will register similar domains, with minor spelling differences, and copy our website design in an attempt to deceive visitors. These copies can sometimes be very convincing.


Fraudulent Websites

We provide below a list with the fraudulent websites that we have identified over the years, however it is important to note that this list is not exhaustive: 

You should avoid engaging in any communications with the above websites.

Below we have listed some of the most common methods used by impersonators for your attention and awareness:



They promise guaranteed profit returns and urge investors to deposit funds via wire transfers to various bank accounts with different beneficiaries.


They are requesting investors to make additional deposits for tax purposes so that they can proceed with the withdrawal of their account balance or their deposits.

fake documentation

They provide fake documentation such as brochures, contracts and/or bank guarantees that bear unauthorised and unverified electronic signatures derived from publicly available information.

Credit card

They are asking investors to share with them bank account details and/or credit card details or other personal data over the phone, which is something that we will never ask you to do.


They present themselves as being the client’s assigned asset manager and contact person. Noting that only clients manage their own accounts no accounts are managed by the Company nor its employees.

deposit funds

They falsely inform investors that the Company is closing its retail client accounts and it's upgrading all accounts to corporate and/or professional accounts and therefore being qualified to receive a refund in order to entice investors to deposit funds.


They falsely inform you that the Company is transferring your account to another group entity, and they request your bank account details and other personal information to complete the transfer.

Report a Suspicion

Immediately report any suspicious activity to, and your local police.

This is in case you receive any unsolicited telephone calls, emails or SMS from those trying to impersonate Markets or any other reputable third parties we are engaged with. For further details on the third parties in which we provide some of your information to, please see our Privacy Policy. Please also contact us should you notice any unauthorised transactions in your account or suspect that a third party may have access to your account information.

Official Channels of Communication

When following links from Social Media pages, please ensure you are directed to one of the official websites above, as scammers may also set up fake Social Media profiles in an attempt to direct users to false websites.

Our official mobile applications are only available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



To get in touch with us directly, just click on Customer Support to access our Live Chat function.

Summary of how to stay safe online

  • Be cautious of unsolicited approaches via email, calls, social media etc.
  • Never give out your personal and financial information via telephone, social media platforms or emails.
  • Never transfer money to a bank account at the request of a person who states they are acting on behalf of
  • Always check whether the email address appears slightly different to the official one.
  • Always check that the website is ‘https://secured’.
  • Always consult the Regulator’s website for licensed entities websites.
  • Do not download any files or programs from unknown sources to any of your devices.
  • Do not share your password and account details with anyone.
  • Reputable companies will never request for personal account or payment information.
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Help us tackle online fraud by getting in touch with us immediately if you have any suspicions.

How does protect your information?

We have a strong team of professionals that are constantly monitoring unusual and irregular activities in online activities and payments. They are ready to respond to any request or incident that may occur. Please contact Customer Support for any suspicious activity happening to your account.

Our Data Protection Officer is ensuring GDPR compliance within The company is regularly audited by internal and external parties against all controls and monitoring tools used to protect our systems and data. Please contact our Data Protection Office at

Keep monitoring this page for additional fraudulent websites identified to be impersonating the Company, the brand or our holding company.


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