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What is withholding tax and how is it paid?


“Withholding Tax” is a tax deducted from earnings or from payable funds and is paid directly to the government by the payer of this income. As such, the tax amount is “withheld” by the company from funds payable to the recipient (dividend). For more information, please refer to our Cost and Charges Document and Order Execution Policy.

What is Enhanced Verification?


As part of our Enhanced Verification process we are required to apply Enhanced Due Diligence (“EDD”) on our clients. This enables us to meet our regulatory requirements and enforce a trading environment that is in line with the latest standards in European Economic Area (EEA) or equivalent countries. By performing EDD we are able to conduct advanced integrity and background screening for enhanced transparency. The driving factor behind our EDD implementation are the rules powered by the 4th EU AML Directive, putting extra emphasis on aspects such as the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and EDDr. This information is required and collected by us in order to build your profile and ensure we have sufficient information regarding source of funds This information will not be shared with any third parties.

How can I extract my Account Statement?


You can extract your statement by heading to the Menu in the top right corner of your platform.  From the drop-down options, select ‘Reports’ and proceed to ‘Account Statement’. You will have the option to choose for which period you would like your transactions displayed.

What are the purposes of processing my data?


In order to fulfill our business relationship with you, we must collect this data to satisfy both legal and regulatory requirements. As a financial institution operating under strict regulations, we are bound to collect this information from you to operate in accordance with law. The processing of your data is conducted on the information you provide us as well as external sources which is publicly available (e.g. the press, registers of companies, online websites, social media platforms etc.) and anti-fraud databases, sanctions lists.

What is a Pip?


Pip is the acronym for Price Interest Point, which is the smallest price move that a given exchange rate can make.

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