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If you already have a account, you are all set. Now you can simply install MT4 and add a trading account via your desktop platform. For more information on how to add MetaTrader trading account please click here. If you don’t have a account yet, don’t worry – registering is easy and fast.

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Benefits of MT4



Algorithmic Trading

Automate your trading with Expert Advisors that you can plug-in to the platform

Fast Execution

Fast Execution, Low Spreads

Execute trades fast and with low costs based on our pricing and trade infrastructure

Intuitive Charts

Intuitive Charts

Fully customisable charts and a range of technical indicators


Trade Micro Lots

Use hedging tools & trade micro-lots as small as 0.01 lots to manage risks better

Trade using MT4 with

You can access popular and easy-to-use web trading platform MetaTrader 4 with your account. A complete listing of our trading conditions for trading via MetaTrader platforms

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Is there CFD Rollover on your platform?


Specific CFDs on our platform have a Rollover date and are automatically rolled over to the next monthly contract for the respective instrument. Expiration dates – including weekly expiration dates – are posted on our website. You’ll also find rollover dates listed in the information box for the relevant instruments in our trading platform. 

What is a Margin Call?


To keep your positions open, you need to maintain a certain margin level within your account. This margin is calculated as a percentage of the total value of your ongoing trades. If your margin falls below this level – currently 50% - then the system may start closing your trades to protect you from further losses. (Starting with the trade that has the biggest open loss.) You can increase your margin level by either making further investments or decreasing your open position exposure.  

What happens in case of Dividends?


Upon dividend distribution by the company-issuer of the underlying shares in a CFD, we apply a respective adjustment to your trading account on the ex-dividend date. The amount of dividends paid will depend on the company payout, and not on Depending on the position, dividends can be credited or debited from your trading account. 

What are the advantages for professional traders with MetaTrader4?


MetaTrader4 offers professional tools to high level traders. Benefits include increased leverage levels and your own dedicated personal account manager. 

How can I download MT4/5?


Simply log into your account through our website, and head to the My Portal area in the top-right of the screen. Here, you’ll find the links to download MT4 & MT5. 

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