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Investec PLC experienced a decline in its share price earlier in the year but rebounded in late 2023. 

Now, to determine if Investec stock is undervalued after this recovery rally, investors need to analyze the year-long share price performance and key metrics such as the price-to-earnings ratio, earnings per share, and dividend yields.

This article aims to evaluate whether Investec can offer value and upside potential in 2024.


Overview of Investec PLC

Founded in 1974, Investec operates through two core divisions: Investec Bank plc in the UK and Investec Limited in South Africa. 

As of January 2024, the company’s market capitalization was £9.4 billion. Services including corporate banking, investment banking, private banking, and asset management drove this record-high market cap result.

Investec is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has headquarters in London and Johannesburg.


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Investec Share Price in 2023

Investec’s share price in the previous year has shown some volatility, fluctuating between highs of 500-550p and lows in the 400-450p range. 

  • In January 2023, the Investec share price reached highs of 556p before declining to end the month at 517p.
  • February and March saw a similar pattern, with highs of 550p, but the March close at 449p marked a significant drop.
  • From April to June, the Investec share price recovered to around 460-480p. This hints at potential support around 450p.
  • July marked a surge to 500p for both the monthly high and closing prices.
  • August and September saw a retreat to closing prices near 470p and 480p, respectively.
  • In October, the Investec share price dipped to close at 456p, near support around 450p.
  • November and December recovered, with the Investec share price back up to highs near 550p and closing above 530p.

Investec experienced some volatility, but overall, the share price trended upwards, from a low of around 450p to close the year near 530-550p highs. The share price gains held throughout the year indicate investor confidence.

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Key Financial Metrics

In addition to monitoring the share price trend, financial ratios can also indicate Investec’s earnings potential and valuation:

  • P/E Ratio - Investec’s P/E ratio is just 5.08, far below the market average of 15. Such a low P/E indicates potential undervaluation.
  • EPS - Earnings per share (EPS) were £1.06 last year. Consistent EPS indicates stable profits.
  • Dividend Yield - With a high dividend yield of 6.16%, Investec returns significant profits to shareholders.
  • Dividend - Investec paid a 15.50p per share dividend, supporting the high yield. The ex-dividend date was December 7, 2023.

Based on the financial indicators, there appears to be a promising opportunity for the stock to increase in value. 

But do take note of the factors that affect the industry and news about the company before trading the Investec share price and adding it to your diversified portfolio. 

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Investec’s Income and Business Outlook


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The company’s net income fell by 54.95% from £399.95 million in 2019 to £180.18 million in 2020—many businesses across industries suffered during this period. 

The significant drop in profits can likely be attributed to the economic downturn and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

However, Investec began recovering in 2021, with net income increasing by 48.93% to £268.34 million for the year. This rebound suggests that Investec was able to adapt its operations and strategy to the challenges of the pandemic. 

The company continued its positive trajectory in 2022, with net income growing by 77.66% to £476.72 million. This growth may be attributed to economies reopening globally in 2022 after pandemic restrictions eased, increasing economic activity.

Recent data shows that Investec achieved further growth in net income of 60.50% in 2023, increasing profits to £765.16 million for the year. This achievement points out that Investec maintained momentum from the pandemic and is expected to grow in the near term.

Investec seems well-positioned to keep growing in the coming years as the global economy steadies post-pandemic.

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Is Investec Stock a Buy in 2024?


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Investec’s stock is an attractive option for long-term investors, trading below its book value and at a P/E ratio of just 5. The company is generating growth while returning significant dividends of over 6% to shareholders. 

The recovery over 2023 and financial strength positions it well to gain in 2024 if markets rebound.

Of course, risks remain around inflation, interest rates, and the health of the UK and South African economies. But if sentiment improves, the stock could deliver an upside of 15-25% in 2024.

For these reasons, Investec is a stock to consider buying in 2024. The recent share price offers better value than in previous years, and the company’s strong positioning in its key markets provides confidence for traders. 

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In summary

Investec appears well-positioned for further growth in 2024 after rebounding strongly from pandemic losses. The company’s share price recovery through 2023 and attractive valuation metrics like the low P/E ratio indicate potential upside. 

Its high dividend yield above 6% makes it appealing for income investors. While risks around high inflation and interest rates persist, Investec seems able to adapt and deliver in its core banking markets. 

For traders interested in the stock, be sure to monitor the company’s financial reports, industry trends, and overall market sentiment. 

Investec could offer nice gains in 2024, but always examine the risks and diversify your portfolio. There is more to learn about trading successfully, so continue researching smart investments and honing your analysis skills. 

With the right diligence, Investec presents an opportunity worth considering.

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