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a conceptual artwork where a light bulb, symbolising ideas and energy, contains an Earth globe with a plant growing inside it


Back in 2013, The Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd, also known as TRIG, emerged with the foresight to revolutionise the energy sector. It identified the potential of renewable energy in combating climate change and charted its course to make a significant impact on the global energy landscape. 

Today, TRIG stands as a venerated entity in the sustainability domain, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and profitability can indeed coexist.

A beacon in the renewable energy field, TRIG paved the way for the comprehensive utilisation of green energy alternatives. With the responsibility of influencing a meaningful shift in public and corporate attitudes towards sustainability, the role of TRIG has been paramount in propelling the green energy revolution forward. 

In the process, it has redefined how we perceive the production and consumption of energy.


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Harnessing The Elements

TRIG holds an impressive portfolio that is a testament to its commitment to sustainable solutions. Leaning into the power of wind, sun, and innovative battery storage solutions, TRIG's investments stretch across over 70 renewable energy sites. 

These sites majorly encompass onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks, focusing on diverse renewable energy sources that contribute to a balanced and resilient portfolio.

Diversity in the renewable energy mix not only provides TRIG with a financial safeguard against uncertainties linked to any one energy source but also emphasises its commitment to fully harnessing the free and inexhaustible sources of energy gifted by our planet. 

It embraces the strength of the sun, the force of the wind, and the potential of new technologies such as battery storage. It conglomerates them into a robust energy network that fuels homes, businesses and the economy.


Renewables for a Brighter Future


a conceptual artwork where a light bulb symbolising ideas and energy, contains an Earth globe with a plant growing inside it


TRIG operates with the guiding principle of contributing to a greener planet by capitalising on renewable energy sources. By creating and managing a diverse portfolio of energy assets, TRIG has been able to establish a reliable stream of income for its shareholders while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the green energy sector.

This strategic principle is at the heart of TRIG's operations – the pursuit of diversification in renewable energy sources that spawn a multitude of environmental and economic benefits. 

TRIG’s commitment to creating sustainable returns transcends the idea of profitability, it's a pledge to the planet and future generations to reinforce environmental stewardliness with every kilowatt of clean energy produced.


The Pivotal Role of Operational Efficiency

The operational efficiency of TRIG, guided by partnerships with InfraRed Capital Partners and RES, ensures an uncompromised commitment to delivering performance and maximising returns from the infrastructure assets. Through these partnerships, TRIG guarantees that its operational strategies for asset management integrate the best practices in the industry, dovetailing global proficiency with local excellence.

The effective maintenance and improvement of site infrastructure are intrinsically linked to the proficient organisations that TRIG has entrusted with these tasks. A seamless flow of operations meets a stringent criterion of excellence, emphasising TRIG's commitment to not only achieve its high-performance targets but also to surpass them.


Powering Progress: TRIG’s Financial Performance

TRIG’s Financial Reports are only till December 2022

The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited (TRIG) has demonstrated a strong financial performance, underpinned by a diverse investment portfolio in renewable energy infrastructure, including wind, solar, and energy storage projects across the UK, Europe, and North America. 

In 2022, TRIG's portfolio generated 5,376 GWh of electricity, marking a significant increase from 2021 and powering the equivalent of 1.6 million homes. This growth was driven by their 2.8 GW portfolio of renewable assets.

TRIG's revenue primarily comes from government subsidies and electricity sales, providing stability in earnings. The company successfully expanded its credit facility and linked interest rates to its ESG performance, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. 

Investments in key projects like the Hornsea One offshore wind farm highlight TRIG's strategic approach to portfolio growth and diversification.

Moreover, TRIG has consistently paid dividends since its inception, with a current yield of around 5.5%. The company's share price has also seen growth since its IPO. TRIG's focus on high-quality assets, diversified investments, and stable, long-term income through energy sales positions it well for sustained growth and contribution to Europe's energy decarbonization.


In Pursuit of a Sustainable Future


a group of hands planting seedlings in the soil, which could symbolize teamwork, community involvement, and the collective effort required for environmental protection and agricultural sustainability


Beyond the obvious contribution to generating clean energy, the concept of sustainability is embedded deep within TRIG's operations. 

Its commitment to adhering to best practices in environmental management, energy efficiency, and responsible business practices speaks volumes about its role as a leading light in the sustainable energy sector.

The reduction of carbon footprints through its operations has positioned TRIG as a key player in the fight against climate change. Through both the green energy generated by its assets and the environmentally mindful measures implemented in its business operations, TRIG stands as a stellar example of an organisation focusing on a sustainable and thriving existence.


A Promising Horizon: The Future Outlook

With an environmentally conscious global society backing its endeavours, TRIG stands at the threshold of a promising future. As it continues to invest in renewable energy infrastructure and pave the way for novel green technologies, its establishment as a leader in sustainable energy development seems ever more certain.

The future holds exciting possibilities for TRIG as it moves to make even larger strides in the renewable energy sector. 

Given the accelerating transition towards cleaner energy sources worldwide, TRIG’s commitment to sourcing and supporting the delivery of reliable, cost-effective, and renewable energy makes it a potential cornerstone in a world moving inevitably towards green energy dominance


TRIG Share Price Update and Analysis

As of January 4, 2024, the share price of The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited (TRIG) has shown some fluctuations. The selling price was reported at 111.60p, with a buying price of 112.00p, indicating a change of 0.40p (0.36%) from the previous close​​. 

Another source noted the selling price at 108.00p and the buying price at 112.00p, with a change of -0.40p (-0.36%)​​. Furthermore, the Financial Times reported the price at 111.80p with a change of -0.40p (-0.36%), and shares traded at 1.86 million​​.

Over the past year, TRIG's share price has seen a decline of around 16.19%​​. This movement in the share price reflects the dynamic nature of the stock market and the specific factors affecting the renewable energy sector in which TRIG operates.

Investors looking to get a more comprehensive understanding of TRIG's performance and stock movements should consider these figures as a part of their broader research, taking into account the company's market position, financial health, and the broader economic environment. 

For the most current and detailed information, it's recommended to follow the latest updates from financial news sources and market analysis platforms.


Final Thoughts

The Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd is undeniably a stalwart in the sustainable energy sector. The formidable combination of its diverse asset portfolio, savvy strategic alliances, consistent financial performance, and unwavering focus on innovative renewable energy solutions lays an impressive blueprint for other companies in the sector to adopt.

As the renewable energy landscape evolves and matures, TRIG stands ready for the challenge, leading the charge in harnessing green power and delivering sustainable returns. 

Bolstered by a clear vision and resolute execution, TRIG is equipped to energize a sustainable world, one renewable source at a time.

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