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Johnson Matthey PLC (JMAT) is a leading British multinational speciality chemical and sustainable technologies company. With operations dating back over 200 years, Johnson Matthey has grown into a global leader in emission control catalysts, process technologies, and precious metals services.

In recent years, Johnson Matthey has faced some challenges that have impacted its share price performance. However, the company remains well-positioned in attractive markets and continues working to transform its business. 

For investors interested in Johnson Matthey, here is a look at the company’s operations, share price trends, and outlook.


What Does Johnson Matthey Company Do?

Johnson Matthey serves a broad range of industries across the globe. Its products and technologies help enable cleaner air, more efficient resource use, and advancements in medical treatments.

JMAT’s emission control catalysts are vital for the automotive industry. The company supplies catalysts that allow gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles to meet increasingly strict emissions standards. Beyond light-duty vehicles, Johnson Matthey provides catalysts and related technologies for heavy-duty trucks, buses, non-road equipment, and stationary applications.


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In addition to automotive, JMAT also serves a range of process industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and more. Its additives, process catalysts, and technologies help these customers enhance efficiency and productivity while meeting environmental regulations.

Johnson Matthey also utilizes its specialized metallurgy, chemistry, and scientific expertise to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients in cutting-edge drug treatments. The company partners with generic and innovative drug makers to supply high-quality APIs.

The company’s global footprint, deep technical knowledge, and long-standing industry relationships make it an essential player across many sectors. Johnson Matthey’s products significantly impact cleaner transportation, more efficient manufacturing, and life-enhancing pharmaceuticals.

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Is Johnson Matthey a Multinational Company?

While headquartered in London, Johnson Matthey is a global multinational company with manufacturing facilities and R&D centres. Some of its locations include the UK, the US, China, India, Poland, and Macedonia. 

The company is headed by CEO Liam Condon, who took over in 2022. Johnson Matthey employs over 14,000 people across 31 countries. 

Being geographically diverse allows JMAT to access and serve customers in different regions and countries despite varying economic, social, and political conditions. 

This advantage also enables the company to spread its risks, as it is independent of a single market or region. As a result, JMAT can adapt to market changes better and faster, ensuring that it maintains a competitive edge in the industry.

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Share Price Trends and Outlook

The Johnson Matthey PLC started the year very strongly, with the share price reaching a high of 2,272p in January and closing at a healthy 2,256p. This indicates positive investor sentiment and optimism in Johnson Matthey’s outlook and upcoming financial results.

However, February saw an all-time high for the year of 2,384p, but then a steep decline to close at 2,182p. This sudden drop of over 200p in the closing price suggests some emerging concerns among investors despite the period high. 

There may have been early indications of rising costs, supply chain issues, or declining demand in specific markets in which Johnson Matthey operates.

These concerns seem validated when looking at March and April’s data, which show the Johnson Matthey share price on a continued downward slide to close at 1,983.50p and 1,963.50p, respectively. 

At this point, investor confidence seems to have eroded significantly, evidenced by the over 25% drop from February’s peak. This implies that this period’s financial reports and company guidance presented a bleaker outlook than expected.

The Johnson Matthey share price decline continues through May, with the share price closing at just 1,730p, the lowest point for the year’s first half. Here, the Johnson Matthey share price has lost over 650p or nearly 30% compared to February’s high. 


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Ongoing macroeconomic challenges, rising inflation, potential recession fears, and company-specific challenges would explain such a significant drop in valuation.

June through August shows the Johnson Matthey share price stabilizing in the 1,700-1,800p range, suggesting the worst is over and some equilibrium is being reached between bullish and bearish investors. 

However, September leads to another lower low of 1,628p, reinforcing the bearish sentiment. Generally, negative market conditions and weak demand forecasts likely precipitated this continued sell-off.

In the last quarter, the Johnson Matthey share price failed to recover much ground, trading sideways in October and November before a slight upward boost in December. The December close of 1,706.50p shows renewed confidence, albeit far below the highs of early 2023. 

Looking ahead to 2024, further gains likely depend on Johnson Matthey demonstrating stable revenues and profits in its upcoming earnings reports. Cost control, supply chain improvements, and new growth initiatives will also be vital to regaining positive momentum.

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Now, Is Johnson Matthey a Good Investment?

The Johnson Matthey share price movements reflect eroding confidence in Johnson Matthey over 2023 but with potential for a turnaround given some recovery signals in December. Ongoing monitoring of financial results and market conditions will determine if the company can rebound fully to former valuation levels in the new year.

While Johnson Matthey may seem like an attractive investment opportunity right now, it’s essential to research and learn about the company, its financials, industry trends, and risk factors before making any trading decisions. The markets can be volatile, and losses can accumulate quickly without the proper knowledge.

Arm yourself with the right insights and skills before trading with Johnson Matthey or any other company. Take a prudent, calculated approach to give yourself the best chance at trading success.

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