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For investors in UK real estate, Hammerson plc (HMSO) is a major player to watch. As an owner, manager, and developer of flagship retail destinations and premium outlets across Europe, the Hammerson share price provides insight into sentiment among property investors.

This article will analyze the Hammerson share price trends from 2023 to 2024. We’ll examine the key events and factors influencing the company’s valuation. 


Overview of Hammerson plc

Hammerson plc is a property development and investment company based in London, UK, and listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

The company was founded by Lewis Hammerson, who started investing in property in 1942 by converting houses into apartments. In 1948, LW Hammerson & Co expanded into the commercial property sector, and in 1953, it became a listed company.

The company owns and manages desirable real estate across Europe’s top cities. Their premium assets include flagship retail destinations like London’s Brent Cross and Birmingham’s Bullring and premium outlet villages under the VIA Outlets brand.

Currently, CEO Rita-Rose Gagné leads the company and employs around 320 people. 


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Hammerson Share Price Trends

Hammerson’s share price shows ups and downs over the 13 months from January 2023 to January 2024. The highest Hammerson share price was 30.81p in February 2023, and the lowest was 22.04p in October 2023, indicating a fluctuating and downward trending share price.

Starting at 28.56p for the high and 26.84p for the close in January 2023, the Hammerson share price rose in February 2023 to hit a period high of 30.81p before closing at 30.40p. This signifies positive sentiment and rising valuations for Hammerson during February. 

However, March saw a turnaround, with the high falling to 30.45p and the close dropping dramatically to 26.09p, shedding over 12% in value. This reversal suggests some investment and trading news or changing market views weighed on the Hammerson share price in March.


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The price recovered but remained volatile between April and September 2023, hitting a low of 22.04p in October. This gradual decline over the second and third quarters of 2023 hints at ongoing challenges or weaker financial results weighed on investor confidence in the company. 

Nevertheless, November and December 2023 saw a sharper recovery, with the Hammerson share price rising from the October lows to a 29.50p high and 28.40p close by December 2023. This rebound suggests improved sentiment and financial outlook heading into 2024.

Finally, January 2024 sustained most of the gains from the late 2023 recovery, with only a slight drop from the December high and close. 

The stability in early 2024 implies investors regained confidence in Hammerson’s prospects after the volatility and declines in mid-2023. 

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Factors Impacting Hammerson’s Valuation

Certain factors influence the Hammerson share price, such as broader economic forces and company-specific news impacting investor sentiment. 

Here are some of the likely drivers behind the price movements seen over the past year:

  • Rising Interest Rates - As central banks raised rates to combat inflation, financing costs increased for REITs like Hammerson, weighing on share prices industry-wide.
  • Cost-of-Living Crisis - High inflation and energy bills reduced disposable incomes in the UK, leading consumers to cut back on discretionary shopping and denting foot traffic at malls.
  • Retail Bankruptcies - High-profile UK retail administrations in 2023, such as from Joules and, likely harmed sentiment around physical retail.
  • Leasing Update - Hammerson’s 2023 leasing update highlighted resilience, with stable occupancy boosting stock traders’ confidence.

These various factors led to a volatile valuation for Hammerson in 2023-2024, and understanding these events can provide insight into the future.

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What’s Next for Hammerson?

After stabilizing in early 2024, where could the Hammerson share price be headed next? Here are some factors that may influence its trajectory:

UK Economic Outlook


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The current UK economic outlook suggests that if inflation rates decrease and consumer confidence levels increase, it could lead to a surge in demand for physical retail spaces. 

This, in turn, could significantly boost Hammerson’s rent rolls, providing a much-needed financial boost to the company.

Retail Administrations

Further major UK retail failures could dent sentiment, while a reduction in administrations may boost perceptions around brick-and-mortar’s health.

Interest Rates

The current interest rate scenario suggests that further hikes shortly could adversely affect the investment appeal. 

However, a shift towards interest rate cuts later in 2024 could help ease the financing costs for individuals and businesses.

Portfolio Strategy 

The decision to dispose of or acquire major assets may impact Hammerson’s portfolio strategy. Such a decision could potentially lead to a significant change in Hammerson’s income profile. 

The outcome could be either positive or negative, depending on the nature of the asset in question and the market conditions at the time of the transaction.

Hammerson’s outlook remains complex with UK retail rebuilding after COVID-19 and the cost-of-living crisis. However, if the economy stabilizes and consumers return to stores, Hammerson’s share price could reflect renewed faith for the investors.


In Summary

Hammerson’s share price showed volatility over 2023 and early 2024, with declines in mid-2023 reflecting challenging economic conditions and the ongoing evolution of the retail landscape. 

Yet, the recovery in late 2023 and stability in early 2024 suggest investors are regaining confidence as Hammerson focuses its portfolio and the UK economy hopefully stabilizes. 

Key factors to watch going forward include the UK economic outlook, further retail administrations, interest rate changes, and Hammerson’s portfolio strategy. 

If inflation falls, consumers return to stores, and Hammerson makes strategic property moves, the share price could continue to reflect renewed faith in the company’s future. 

Traders should continue learning more about Hammerson’s business, strategy, and the macroeconomic factors affecting its valuation. Closely following company announcements and UK retail and property market trends will provide valuable insight into this stock’s risks and opportunities. 

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