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Known as a global leader in developing safety, health, and environmental technologies, Halma plc has been impacting industries and safeguarding health for over a century. With its comprehensive portfolio of essential technology solutions, it continues to foster a safer and healthier future for all.


Deriving Strength from a Historic Legacy

Halma, whose name unexpectedly stems from a board game meaning "Jump" in Greek, began its journey in 1894. Initially fostering regional shoe retailers, it has since leapt across industries, evolving into a tech-driven company with a global footprint. 

After a series of successful acquisitions and a strategic focus on niche market segments, it has grown from a local conglomerate into a leading FTSE 100 entity.


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Striving for a Safer World

Halma observes its corporate purpose as "Growing a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day". Therein, they answer global challenges with a diverse range of critical solutions across three primary sectors:

  1. Safety: With specialized hazard detection systems and products like fire detectors and elevator safety solutions, Halma ensures safety in the most critical situations.
  2. Environmental: Halma's solutions address vital needs to protect water and air quality while supporting energy conservation.
  3. Medical: The company develops innovative devices that support surgical procedures, and diagnostic needs, and enhance home health.

Halma's innovative solutions safeguard lives, protect the environment, and improve health outcomes, contributing to the robust sustainability agenda of our times.


Expanding Globally


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With an operational presence in over 20 countries, Halma effectively combats global challenges and spurs local economic growth. Their successful growth strategy is backed by strategic acquisitions that align with their purpose and strengthen their existing portfolio, enhancing the scale and reach of the impact they deliver.


Fostering Innovation

Halma fuels its sustainability mission with continuous innovation. Through active investment in research and development, they ensure the continual refinement of their products, maintaining effectiveness aligned with evolving needs. 

The company's robust culture of innovation has stimulated various disruptive solutions, ensuring a pipeline of impactful products and technologies.


Prioritizing Integrity and Responsibility

Halma operates based on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and ethical practices. Their commitment to corporate social responsibility is reflected in their approach to community enrichment, human rights, anti-corruption, and environmental sustainability. 

Notably, Halma extensively invests in reducing its carbon footprint and enhancing waste management, aligning its operation with sustainability goals.


Building a Future-Ready Workforce


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Halma believes in nurturing a skilled, diverse, and motivated workforce to support its vision. 

By offering training, and development opportunities and promoting diversity in its workforce, the company fosters an environment that promotes innovation, fosters job satisfaction and develops leaders who can navigate future challenges.


Halma in the Community

Halma’s contributions to society extend beyond its business operations. It believes in giving back to the community through fundraising, volunteering initiatives, and supporting non-profit organizations. This dedication to service amplifies the company's impact and garners trust and respect from communities globally.


Looking Toward the Future

Halma foresees an expanding need for its technologies amidst increasing global sustainability and health challenges. To navigate this, they are committed to renewing their strategies, investing in their teams, nurturing innovations and cementing new alliances. 

The company's immediate plans include digitization and integrating AI across its solutions to deliver superior safety and health outcomes.


Financial Performance of Halma plc

Halma plc has exhibited a resilient financial performance that mirrors its role in the industrial sector, focusing on life protection products. 

The company's share price reflects a positive market response, having increased by 19.00 GBP (0.83%) to close at 2,309.00 GBp on the London Stock Exchange as of December 27, 2023. This uptick is part of a broader trend, with a 1-year change showing a 16.00% increase in share price.

Looking into Halma's financials for the year 2023, the company has seen a rise in revenue to £1,853 million from £1,525 million in 2022, indicating significant growth. Gross profit also saw an increase from £764 million to £923 million. 

Despite these gains, net income saw a slight decrease, down from £244 million to £235 million. 

However, the company's operating income and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) have increased, which points to improved operational efficiency and earnings quality.

The balance sheet details total assets growing to £2,788 million, up from £2,197 million, showcasing a stronger asset base. There has been a notable rise in total debt from £432 million to £766 million, an aspect that investors may watch closely concerning the company's financial leverage.

In terms of cash flow, Halma reported cash from operating activities at £258 million, a slight improvement over the previous year's £237 million, which is a positive sign of the company's ability to generate cash from its core business activities.

Halma's return on sales (ROS) performance showed a slight decline due to higher interest costs, which were attributed to increased interest rates and higher average levels of net debt. The management expressed intentions to absorb these costs in the medium term, suggesting a strategic approach to managing increased financial expenses.

Investors may also note the company's investment activities, including acquisitions that are likely to bolster Halma's market position and diversify its revenue streams.

The financial information summarized here indicates Halma's strong market position and a solid foundation for future growth. Investors and potential shareholders would be well-advised to consider these financials in light of Halma's strategic initiatives and market opportunities. 

For the latest and more detailed financial information, interested parties should refer to financial reporting platforms and Halma's official releases.​


Halma plc Share Price Update

Halma plc, a company known for its safety, health, and environmental technology, saw its share price close at 2,309.00 GBp, which was an increase of 19.00 GBP or 0.83% at the end of the trading day on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). 

This performance reflects a positive 1-year change of about 16.00% in the share price, pointing to a solid year of growth for the company. The company has a beta of 0.6248, indicating less volatility compared to the broader market.

In terms of financial performance, Halma reported a revenue of £1,852.80 million in 2023, with a gross profit of £926.60 million and a net income of £234.50 million. The company's total assets were listed at £2,788.40 million, with total liabilities of £1,189.60 million, and a total debt of £766.20 million. These figures suggest a strong financial foundation for Halma, which could be a reassuring sign for investors looking at the company's fundamentals.

Halma's forward dividend yield stands at 0.90%, with an ex-dividend date noted on December 21, 2023. The P/E ratio, which helps investors understand the relationship between the company's share price and its earnings per share, was reported at 36.65.

For potential investors or current shareholders, these figures are essential as they provide a snapshot of the company's financial health and market performance. 

It's always important to consider these numbers in the context of the company's long-term strategy and market conditions, which can impact the share price beyond the raw financials.

The share price information provided is based on the latest data available on financial platforms like Yahoo Finance and Reuters as of December 27, 2023. For those interested in following Halma plc's share price more closely, real-time updates and more detailed financial information can be found on financial news websites.


Wrapping Up

As it stands as a global pioneer in safety, health, and environmental technologies, Halma's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and ethical business practices. 

Despite its humble beginnings, Halma's commitment to making a global difference has propelled it to the forefront of its industry. 

Its relentless drive to innovate and affirm its corporate responsibility pledges results in a high-stakes societal impact, essential for our sustainable future. Halma's growth narrative demonstrates how businesses can build financial success while actively shaping a safer, cleaner, and healthier world. J

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