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Flutter Entertainment PLC is an exciting company for investors interested in the fast-growing online gambling industry. As the owner of major brands like Paddy Power, Betfair, and FanDuel, Flutter has an impressive market share across multiple countries.

In this guide, we will cover details on Flutter, such as what Flutter owns, reasons to invest in the company, the Flutter share price and valuation trends, and its growth drivers.


What Does Flutter Own?

Flutter Entertainment is a global sports betting and gaming company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It was formed in 2016 via the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair and later acquired The Stars Group and FanDuel.

Today, Flutter has over 7 million customers worldwide. Its top brands and markets include:

  • Paddy Power and Betfair - Leading online betting sites in the UK and Ireland
  • FanDuel - The #1 mobile sportsbook in the rapidly expanding US market
  • Sportsbet - Australia’s top online bookmaker
  • PokerStars - The most popular real money poker site globally

Flutter is led by CEO Peter Jackson, who has been with the company since 2019 after working for William Hill and PepsiCo. Under Jackson’s leadership, Flutter has pursued an aggressive growth strategy focused on expanding in the United States through FanDuel.


Why Invest in Flutter?

Despite the near-term uncertainty facing all consumer discretionary names, multiple factors make Flutter stock an appealing long-term portfolio addition:

Upside optionality from US and online growth: Flutter’s market share runways across the vast US sports betting arena and through online channel shifts represent tremendous upside not fully reflected in the current stock price.

Favourable industry dynamics: The global gambling industry enjoys enduring tailwinds from regulation and mobile adoption that enable a sustainable growth trajectory. Flutter is a primary beneficiary as a leader across key categories like sports betting and poker.

Strong competitive position: Flutter’s brand portfolio power, analytics capabilities, and product innovation help to embed the company as a partner of choice for customers and regulators alike. Their leadership teams combine deep gambling industry expertise with world-class digital skills from veterans of PaddyPower, Betfair, and FanDuel.

Proven M&A execution: Management has consistently demonstrated savvy deal-making in acquiring and integrating top assets like FanDuel, fast-growing Stars Group, and others to augment Flutter’s market share and cross-selling potential. Their M&A track record suggests a continued ability to fuel expansion through acquisitions.

Commitment to responsible gambling: Unlike competitors, Flutter dedicates meaningful resources to safe gambling initiatives, ethical marketing, and consumer protection. Their balanced approach toward growth will likely appease regulators and represent a competitive strength.


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Flutter Share Price and Valuation Trends


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As with most equities in the current macroeconomic climate, the Flutter share price has experienced volatility through 2022 and into 2023 as investors weigh interest rates and growth prospects.

After finishing December 2022 trading around the £11,300 level, the Flutter share price appreciated nearly 15% to start 2023 on optimism that FanDuel’s rapid expansion could stimulate overall financial performance.

Flutter share prices topped £13,000 by February amidst bullishness following Flutter’s FY2022 earnings report. Adjusted EBITDA and customer numbers grew despite wider losses attributed to continued growth investments.

Sentiment deteriorated in subsequent months as markets repriced risk assets, dragging the Flutter share price below £13,000 in June 2023. While long-term confidence in the US opportunity remained, traders grew concerned about the pace of state legalization processes and crowded positioning in gambling stocks. However, the Flutter share price recovered above £14,000 in July based on resilient FanDuel market share statistics.

In the year’s final months, lingering macroeconomic fears surrounding consumer discretionary and speculation stocks have weighed on Flutter’s valuation. After briefly trading above £16,000 in April 2023, the Flutter share price dipped below £13,000 in September and October before stabilizing.

In mid-December, Flutter closed around £14,250 to command a still-lofty earnings multiple near 30X. While no longer at recent valuation peaks, Flutter continues trading at a significant premium to reflect leadership positions within key gambling niches.

If the company delivers on long-term earnings growth forecasts, Flutter looks attractive for investors comfortable with some interim volatility. However, more risk-averse investors may wish to await a more significant pullback before initiating a position.


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Growth Drivers and Market Opportunities

Flutter owes much of its success to two overriding trends: the rise of mobile/online gambling and the loosening of regulations in many markets. By leveraging technological innovation and securing early-mover advantages, Flutter has capitalized on these trends to become a sector leader.


A tabletop football game with scattered money notes


In particular, the legalization of sports betting across multiple US states represents Flutter’s most significant opportunity. Through its FanDuel subsidiary, Flutter has used aggressive marketing and product development to become a top-3 sportsbook in every US state where wagering is permitted. Flutter is superbly positioned to consolidate its leadership as the inevitable countrywide legalization plays out.

Flutter also continues to enhance recreational gambler experiences through “bet entertainment” concepts like free-to-play games. Live streaming and cash-out functionality innovation encourage customer loyalty while differentiating Flutter’s offerings. Ongoing investments in these initiatives, totalling over $250 million annually, underscore management’s commitment to building competitive advantages through superior product design.


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In the Final Analysis

Investors interested in the high-growth gambling industry should examine the investment case for Flutter Entertainment in more detail. As the owner of leading global gambling brands like Paddy Power, Betfair, FanDuel, and PokerStars, Flutter is well-positioned to capitalize on the sector’s mobile adoption and regulatory support drivers. However, before trading shares, traders should keep abreast of regulatory developments that may impact Flutter’s brands or the industry.

Additionally, prudent investors will diligently evaluate Flutter’s growth assumptions, market share trends, valuation levels, and risk factors when determining if current prices offer an appealing entry point. While Flutter offers exciting exposure to structural industry tailwinds, as with any stock, full due diligence of the opportunity and risks is essential before making an investment commitment.


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