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FirstGroup plc is a multinational transport company headquartered in the United Kingdom. With operations spanning the bus, train, and tram sectors, FirstGroup provides essential transportation services to millions of people daily. 

This article delves deeper into the history, operations, financial standing, and prospects of the company, shedding light on its significance in the industry.



FirstGroup traces its roots back to 1986 when it was established as FirstBus Limited following the privatization of state-owned bus operations by the UK government. The company began its journey with a focus on bus services, gradually expanding and acquiring other transport companies to increase its market share

In 1995, the company changed its name to FirstGroup to reflect its broader range of transportation services beyond buses.


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FirstGroup operates through four major divisions that cater to different transportation sectors. First Student is one of the largest providers of student transportation in North America, operating a fleet of more than 40,000 buses. 

The First Transit division specializes in public transit management and contracting services in the United States and Canada, delivering safe and efficient transportation solutions to local communities. In the UK, First Bus operates bus services across major cities and rural areas, connecting passengers to various destinations. 

The First Rail division operates train services throughout the UK, managing major franchises such as Great Western Railway and TransPennine Express, contributing to the country's rail network.


Financial Standing


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FirstGroup demonstrated a strong financial performance for the fiscal year 2023. The company's results were largely driven by growth in two of its core segments: First Bus and First Rail. 

The group's adjusted attributable profit more than doubled, reaching £82.1 million, which was ahead of expectations and a significant increase from the £36.2 million reported in FY 2022. 

This impressive growth in profits reflects the company's successful operational strategies and effective management during the year.

The adjusted earnings per share (EPS) for continuing operations also saw a substantial rise, reaching 10.6p compared to 1.6p in FY 2022. This indicates a strong earnings performance relative to the number of shares outstanding, which is a positive sign for investors and shareholders.

FirstGroup's revenue from continuing operations increased to £4,755.0 million in FY 2023, up from £4,591.1 million in FY 2022. This growth in revenue underscores the company's ability to expand its operations and maintain a steady influx of income, even in a challenging market environment.

The company's year-end adjusted net cash stood at £109.9 million, which also exceeded expectations. This financial position reflects the company’s solid liquidity and its ability to manage cash flow effectively.

In line with its strategy, FirstGroup continued to focus on operational improvements, growth opportunities, and value delivery to shareholders. 

The company has been a leader in the decarbonization of UK public transport, reflecting its commitment to sustainable practices. It invested significantly in the decarbonization of its First Bus operations, including a substantial investment in electric buses and depot infrastructure.

Furthermore, FirstGroup recommended a final dividend of 2.9p and launched a £75 million share buyback program in December 2022, of which £52.6 million was completed by June 2023. An additional buyback of £115 million was proposed following the receipt of proceeds from exiting North American operations.

Overall, FirstGroup's FY 2023 financial results highlight the company's successful management and strategic initiatives, positioning it for sustained growth in the public transport sector.


Future Prospects

FirstGroup has outlined a strategic plan to navigate through the challenges and position itself for future success. The company aims to focus on its core businesses and enhance operational efficiency. 

To achieve this, FirstGroup plans to invest in technology and data analytics to deliver improved services and enhance the overall customer experience.

By leveraging advanced technologies, the company aims to optimize its operations, improve timeliness, and better meet customer expectations. 

Furthermore, FirstGroup is actively exploring opportunities in sustainable transportation, such as electric buses and trains, to reduce carbon emissions and promote greener alternatives. 

The company intends to play a key role in the global movement toward sustainable transportation and contribute to a greener future.


FirstGroup's Impressive 2023 Share Growth


A magnifying glass enhances a graph and blue bars depicting an upward trend in the market


As of December 21, 2023, FirstGroup, a prominent public transportation service provider, has shown a significant upward trend in its share price. 

The latest data indicates that the share price of FirstGroup (FGP: LSE) stood at 170.50 GBX on the London Stock Exchange. This figure represents a remarkable year-on-year increase of 67.81%.

The stability of the share price on the day, combined with the substantial annual growth, reflects investor confidence in the company's market position and operational strategies. This growth in the share price is indicative of a positive market perception of FirstGroup's performance and its prospects in the public transportation sector.

FirstGroup's performance in the stock market, especially the notable increase over the past year, is an encouraging sign for investors and stakeholders. It suggests a strong market position and possibly an optimistic outlook for the company's ongoing and future initiatives. 

This performance could be attributed to various factors including the company's commitment to sustainability, technological advancements, and a customer-centric approach in its operations.


Bottom line

FirstGroup's journey from a UK-based bus service provider to a global transportation leader underscores its strategic expansion and adaptability. 

The company's significant financial performance in FY 2023, marked by doubled profits and increased revenue, highlights its effective management and operational efficiency. 

FirstGroup's commitment to sustainability and technological advancements positions it well for future growth, aligning with the global shift towards more environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Looking ahead, FirstGroup's strategic focus on enhancing operational efficiency, investing in technology, and exploring sustainable transportation options presents a promising future. The company's impressive share price growth in 2023 reflects market confidence in its potential and strategic direction. 

The company's approach to facing challenges, leveraging opportunities, and maintaining its market position will be key to its ongoing success and future growth in the industry. Join today and start trading like a pro.

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