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Have you ever wondered what drives the share price of major mining companies like Antofagasta PLC? As an investor or someone interested in the copper market, understanding the movements of the Antofagasta share price can provide valuable insights.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a robust perspective on what moves the Antofagasta share price and be better equipped to make informed investment decisions regarding the company.


Introduction to Antofagasta PLC


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Antofagasta PLC is one of the largest copper mining groups globally. It’s listed on the London Stock Exchange and a prestigious FTSE 100 index constituent.

Antofagasta operates four major mines in Chile - Los Pelambres, Centinela, Antucoya and Zaldívar. The company produces around 750,000 tonnes of copper annually, making it a leading player in the global copper market.

The company also has interests in transport and water distribution infrastructure critical to its mining operations. Antofagasta is majority-owned by the prominent Luksic family of Chile through the Quiñenco conglomerate.


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January 2023 - Volatility Amidst Shifting Copper Scenario

In January 2023, the Antofagasta share prices were quite volatile, trading in a wide 310.50p range between a high of 1837.50p and a low of 1527p before closing at 1732.50p.

This volatility coincided with changing sentiments around copper’s demand-supply dynamics. Earlier bullish projections of sustained copper demand for clean energy transition gave way to concerns of near-term weakness amidst slowing global growth.

The International Copper Study Group and other agencies were downgrading their 2023 demand growth forecasts, weighing on copper and Antofagasta share prices. 

Nevertheless, the stock recovered from the lows as copper fundamentals still appeared favourable long-term.

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February and March 2023 - Declining Copper Prices Drag Share Price Lower

In February, the Antofagasta share price opened lower at 1570p and continued declining throughout the month. It traded in a 230.39p range, eventually closing near the lows at 1536.46p.


Downward-pointing red arrows and numerical indicators reflecting the decrease in the stocks price


March saw a further drop, with the Antofagasta share price falling over 20% from February’s open. It hit a multi-month low of 1423p before recovering slightly to close at 1581p.

As recessionary fears mounted, this sustained downward momentum aligned with falling copper prices. Weakening demand projections, inflation concerns, and a stronger dollar weighed on copper.

Antofagasta’s exposure to copper made its share price susceptible to this commodity weakness—the price slide, despite no significant Antofagasta-specific news, underlined copper’s overarching influence.


April to July 2023 - Stabilizing with Slight Recovery

After stabilizing between 1431p and 1658.50p in April, the Antofagasta share price continued drifting lower in May and hit 1337.50p before closing. This mirrored copper’s struggles amidst growth risks.

June saw some recovery as speculation of China easing its zero-COVID policy boosted copper. The Antofagasta share price hit 1605p but gave up gains to close at 1461p as uncertainty remained.

July again saw volatility, with the share price spiking to 1681.50p before retreating to 1677.50p. This aligned with copper rebounding on supply deficit projections after mine disruptions. But fears of weak demand kept gains in check.

During this period, the Antofagasta share price remained correlated to copper pricing trends, albeit with some decoupling showing the influence of localized drivers.


August to October 2023 - Subdued Trading Amid Recessionary Concerns

Antofagasta’s share price weakness resumed from August to October 2023, as copper retreated on demand worries from deepening global slowdown fears and a robust dollar.

The stock traded within a relatively narrow range during this period, generally declining but seeing support around 1400p. This rangebound activity reflected caution despite copper’s fundamental supply shortages.

Some underlying support for Antofagasta shares was evident from the company’s low costs and healthy balance sheet. However, broader macroeconomic uncertainty and pessimism surrounding China limited the major upside.

The share price reacted more strongly to negative cues, highlighting the fragile sentiment.

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November to December 2023 - Sentiment Recovery on Growth Hopes

November 2023 marked a potential sentiment turnaround for the Antofagasta share price. The stock opened the month at 1308.50p but gained steadily through the month to close around 10% higher at 1408.50p.


A trading monitor adorned with blue coloured candlestick patterns


This recovery came as copper prices found support on China’s reopening momentum and hopes of a mild global recession. Antofagasta shares further built on these gains in December, rising over 19% from November’s close.

The share price hit a multi-month high of 1732.50p before closing at 1679.50p. This sharp bounce highlighted improved sentiment around copper’s demand outlook.

The Q4 2023 saw investors moving from recessionary fears back to focusing on copper’s robust long-term fundamentals. Antofagasta shares mirrored this renewed optimism.


January 2024 - Pullback on Profit-Taking but Positive Outlook Intact

In January 2024 so far, the Antofagasta share price opened higher at 1604.50p but pulled back to close at 1578.40p by mid-month. This moderation came as investors took some profits off the table after the sharp run-up.

Nevertheless, copper’s positive demand outlook amidst constrained supply continues to provide fundamental support for Antofagasta shares.

With the global growth slowdown expected to be mild, copper’s usage across renewables, EVs, and infrastructure bodes well.

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To Wrap Things Up

The Antofagasta share price has experienced significant volatility over the past year, driven primarily by shifting sentiments around the copper market. The shares also surged when projections for copper demand growth were strong earlier in 2023.

As recessionary fears emerged and the copper demand outlook weakened, the share price declined substantially. More recently, optimism returned to the copper market on China reopening and global growth hopes, lifting Antofagasta stock over 30% off its lows.

While short-term fluctuations will continue based on macroeconomic developments, Antofagasta remains leveraged to copper’s robust long-term fundamentals. 

However, trading individual stocks can be risky. Interested investors should learn about effective risk management, portfolio diversification, and prudent position sizing before risking capital in any single stock like Antofagasta. 

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“When considering “CFDs” for trading and price predictions, remember that trading CFDs involves a significant risk and could result in capital loss. Past performance is not indicative of any future results. This information is provided for informative purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.”

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