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Fresnillo is a top-notch mining company renowned for its proficiency in precious metals extraction, especially silver and gold. Headquartered in Mexico City, Fresnillo holds the distinction of being the world's largest primary silver producer and Mexico's largest gold producer. 

With a rich history, strong operating prowess, and a commitment to sustainable mining, Fresnillo has firmly established its footprints in the global precious metals marketplace.


History and evolution

Fresnillo roots trace back to the early 1900s when the Mexican government began mining operations in several regions, including Fresnillo, and Zacatecas. The Fresnillo mine eventually gained prominence as one of the world's richest and largest silver mines and served as the genesis of Fresnillo.

Created as a standalone company in 2008, Fresnillo was the offshoot of a major corporate restructuring of its parent company, Peñoles. 

The company debuted on the London Stock Exchange the same year and soon distinguished itself in the global mining world. Today, Fresnillo operates several mines across Mexico, each contributing significantly to its overall production of silver and gold.


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Operating divisions

Fresnillo’s operations revolve around various active mines, exploration initiatives, and development projects. It comprehensively covers the mining process, from exploration and extraction to refining and sale of precious metals.

The company's key operating mines include Fresnillo, Saucito, Cienega, Herradura, Soledad-Dipolos, Noche Buena, and San Julián. Each mine is crucial in the production of silver, gold, lead, or zinc, particularly the Fresnillo mine, the world's largest primary silver mine, and the Herradura mine, which significantly contributes to the company's gold production.

Simultaneously, Fresnillo's exploration and development wings are assets to their future growth. By identifying and assessing potential mining sites, these divisions ensure continuity and expansion of business operations.


Financial performance


Person analysing a financial report on a clipboard; hints at data analysis


In 2023, Fresnillo's financial performance demonstrated a downturn, as evidenced by a nearly 10% decrease in revenue from $2.70 billion to $2.43 billion compared to the previous year. This decline was not only due to reduced sales but also coincided with an increase in the cost of goods sold, which contributed to a significant reduction in net income by more than 35%.

Although revenues declined, Fresnillo maintained operational profitability, generating over $500 million in cash from its operations. This operating income reflects the company's ability to maintain cash flow despite the falling revenue. 

However, the company's cash reserves saw a substantial decrease, which indicates significant investment and financing activities. Specifically, Fresnillo invested over $500 million in various activities and also allocated a considerable sum to financing activities, which could include debt repayments, dividend payments, or other financing-related expenses. 

Moreover, the company's debt situation improved as the debt-to-total capital ratio decreased, suggesting a stronger balance sheet with a lower reliance on debt financing. This is a positive signal for potential investors or stakeholders monitoring the company's leverage and financial stability.

Fresnillo's financials are reflective of the broader challenges faced by the precious metals and mining industry, which can be affected by fluctuating commodity prices, operational issues, and global economic trends.


Fresnillo share stability in focus


Stock market chart with upward trend arrow indicating growth


As of December 13, 2023, the share price for Fresnillo on the London Stock Exchange closed at 568.60 GBX. 

This figure indicates no change from the previous close of 568.60 GBX. The company's shares have experienced a significant range over the past year, hitting a high of 996.80 GBX and a low of 499.30 GBX, showcasing the volatility in the stock's price. 

With approximately 736.89 million shares in the issue, Fresnillo has a market capitalization of around £4.19 billion, reflecting its size and significance in the mining sector. The company, which is a major player in the precious metals market, specialises in the exploration and production of silver, gold, lead, and zinc, mainly in Mexico. 

Despite the recent downturn, the consensus rating among analysts is to 'reduce', with a forecasted average price target of 707.50 GBX for the stock, suggesting a potential upside from the current trading price​​​​​​.

Investors considering Fresnillo shares should monitor the company's performance closely, keeping in mind that the mining sector can be significantly affected by various external factors including market demand, geopolitical events, and economic trends. 

For those interested in dividends, Fresnillo has announced dividends with a yield of around 2.05%, indicating a commitment to returning value to shareholders despite the fluctuations in share price.


Sustainability and social responsibility

Incorporating social and environmental sustainability into its core business model, Fresnillo shows a strong commitment to responsible mining. This determination encompasses several aspects, including prioritising worker safety, ensuring environmental conservation, and fostering community welfare.

From the implementation of stringent safety protocols to ensure employee well-being to programs that limit environmental impact, Fresnillo is earnest in maintaining sustainable operations. Additionally, the company zealously contributes to the local communities through skill development, educational support, and local infrastructure development.


Future outlook

The outlook for Fresnillo is predominantly positive, buoyed by a blend of factors. The mining giant's vast resource base, operational superiority, promising exploration and development projects, and market demand for precious metals are key facets of its future growth.

Furthermore, the company's innovative applications of technology in extractive processes promise enhanced productivity, extraction efficiencies, and sustainability. 

As long as the company skillfully manages the possibilities of commodity price fluctuations and the environmental and regulatory challenges inherent in the mining industry, Fresnillo Plc is well situated to build upon its status as a leader in the mining world.


Final thoughts

Fresnillo’s ascent to being one of the largest primary silver producers and Mexico's largest gold producer is a testament to its operational dexterity, strategic decision-making, and commitment to sustainability. 

From its several active mines to its ambitious future projects, the company has demonstrated its capability to manage scale, complexity, and the numerous challenges imbued in the mining industry.

With its unmatched domain expertise, sustainable practices, and robust financial health, Fresnillo is not just a substantial entity in the mining industry but also a responsible and competent business that profoundly understands the implications of its operations on communities and the environment.

As the global demand for precious metals remains sturdy, Fresnillo is well-positioned to continue growing and flourishing in the mining sector. 

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