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US dollar daily chart 18 December


Hello, everyone! Today is Tuesday, December 19, 2023, let's delve into today's forex market dynamics.


Market Overview

Yesterday's trading concluded with a notable net profit of $13,000, bringing the current net value to a robust $639,000. 

Did everyone seize the opportunity in the forex market during last night's operation? The move in crude oil was very precise.

The forex market offered several opportunities, particularly in the crude oil sector, where precise movements led to a profit exceeding $10,000 in a single trade.


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Yesterday's Market Recap

U.S. Dollar Index (DXY)

The U.S. Dollar Index experienced sideways trading, indicating a period of indecision among investors.

However, in the early morning around 1-2 AM, there wasn't much reference value as there were no pending orders.


The gold market reached the expected levels of around 34-35 and then saw a decline. The early morning hours didn't provide much reference due to a lack of pending orders.

Crude Oil

Crude oil entered the market at the anticipated level and showed a sustained upward trend, resulting in a near 4% increase.


Today's Market Analysis

U.S. Dollar Index (DXY)

The DXY is showing signs of stability. The focus remains on the potential for a rebound, with buying opportunities considered around the 102.2 level.

Gold Market

Gold, trading around 34-35 yesterday, today seems to be positioned around 2035. This suggests exploring short positions, anticipating a continued bearish trend.

Crude Oil

After a significant surge, crude oil experienced some retracement. The momentum, however, appears likely to continue. For those seeking stability, the 71.7 level could be a strategic point for long positions.


Detailed Analysis


gold breaking the resistance level


Gold's Structural Pattern

Gold's price action shows it adjusting to a certain level before beginning a decline, halting around the previous support level. This pattern of breaking through resistance, retracing, and then continuing to rise is a typical structural pattern in forex markets. It is believed that this trend has the potential to continue, making it an interesting area for traders to watch.

Crude Oil's Momentum

Crude oil's one-sided surge and subsequent retracement signal a strong underlying momentum in the market. This could indicate a continuation of the upward trend, making long positions around 71.7 an attractive prospect for stability-seeking traders.


Euro and British Pound (GBP) Outlook

Euro (EUR)

The Euro is maintaining a steady pace. To continue capitalizing on this, short positions are advised, with a revised entry point around 1.097.

Trading Strategy for Euro (EUR)

The trading strategy for the Euro (EUR) is to take short positions, indicating a selling approach. This strategy is based on the expectation that the Euro will decrease in value. Traders are advised to enter short positions when the Euro reaches around 1.097, suggesting that this level is seen as a potential turning point where the Euro may start to decline.

British Pound (GBP)

The GBP's strategy mirrors that of the Euro, showing consistent behavior without significant deviation. The approach remains to continue shorting both the Euro and the Pound, with an entry point for the GBP around 1.271.

Trading Strategy for British Pound (GBP)

Similarly, for the British Pound (GBP), the recommended strategy is to also engage in short positions. This suggests a selling stance, anticipating a decline in the value of the GBP. Traders are advised to consider shorting the GBP at around 1.271, reflecting the belief that the Pound may decrease in value from this level.


Summary of Trading Strategies

  • U.S. Dollar Index (DXY): Continues its retracement with a long position around 102.2 being favorable.
  • Gold: Gold continues its rebound, shorting near 2035. 
  • Crude Oil: Continues its retracement, with a long position around 71.7 being considered.
  • Euro (EUR): The Euro continues its rebound and shorting near 1.097.
  • British Pound (GBP): Mirroring the Euro's strategy, continue shorting near 1.271.

In conclusion, today's forex market presents varied opportunities across different currency pairs and commodities. 

Traders should focus on the DXY's stability, gold's rebound, crude oil's momentum, and the consistent patterns in EUR and GBP for effective trading strategies.

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