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Spread Rebate Programme

Our new spread rebate programme is another way that you are rewarded for choosing

You can now receive a rebate on the spreads generated by your trades each week as cash directly into your account.

This is on top of all the other great features you are already enjoying as part of the platform, such as exclusive data, in-depth analysis, and unique trading products.

How does the programme work?

Every trade you make generates a spread, the size of which can vary depending upon which instruments you are trading. Our rebate programme gives you a percentage of the spreads your trading has generated in the previous week as a thank you for choosing to trade with us.

Once the rebate level has been calculated, the amount is credited back to your account. This happens on a weekly basis, and you’ll receive an email alert to let you know how much you have received, or if your account has been inactive during the period in question. You can also view your rebate amount – and opt out of the programme if you wish – from the Rebate Program page in the platform.

The reward is calculated and paid by our automated system for accuracy and reliability.

Start trading now to earn your rebate

The more you trade, the more spread rebate you will receive. The rebate is paid on all trading activity that generates a spread, so it doesn’t matter if your positions make a profit or a loss.

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