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Investment bank Jeffries has selected several tech stocks it thinks could energise portfolios across the rest of 2021.

Jeffries tech stocks

The background

As reported by CNBC, analysts at Jeffries have been scouring tech and semiconductor stocks to see which could perform best throughout the year.

Investors are looking for a mixture of growth and value stocks to add to their portfolios. Technology equities, incorporating semiconductors and micro-components manufacturers, could potentially be on their radars.

It should be stressed now, however, that the world is currently experiencing a global chip shortage. The raw materials needed to create chipsets and other nanotechnologies have seen prices skyrocket throughout the year. This has caused long supply chains and even slowed manufacturing output from the likes of Apple and Tesla.

Back to the equities, Jeffries has warned against taking extreme positions on either growth or value stocks. Instead, the tech firms listed below could be used to strike a balance between the two.

The tech stocks

Jeffries has identified an international collection of stocks split over three subsectors as those to watch.


Samsung and its affiliate Samsung SDI are both on Jeffries list. The bank believes these can be snapped up at a reasonable price. Several Taiwanese companies, including Delta Electronics, Unimicron Technologies, and Nan Ya PCB also make it to Jeffries’ shortlist.

As to be expected, a fair number of Chinese stocks have been flagged as potentials by Jeffries. In this category, laptop manufacturer Lenovo and electronic components supplier BOE Technology Group are considered reasonable price stocks.

Away from Asia, Apple makes the list, despite slowing growth warnings the California brand gave during its latest earnings report. Ericcson makes the list too.


Jeffries likes Korean firm SK Hynix, a manufacturer of memory semiconductors, and Taiwan’s TSMC. Both companies have been flagged as growth stocks at a reasonable price. Novatek Microelectronics, another Taiwanese tech firm, makes the list too.

Texas Instruments, Skyworks Solutions, KLA, and Qorvo are the US semiconductor manufacturers that piqued Jeffries analysts’ interest. European manufacturers on the bank’s quality list include STMicroelectronics and BE Semiconductor Industries.


NortonLifeLock, the US IT security specialist, is considered a quality stock by the Jeffries team. China’s Venustech joins NortonLifeLock on the bank’s quality stock screen.

Elsewhere, Indian company Tech Mahindra has been eyeballed as a stock with high growth potential.

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