Trading Tools

Markets Consensus

The Markets Consensus package will offer you advanced analytical tools to provide you with unique financial insights. The first tool, Daily Analyst Recommendations (DAR), is already available on our trading platform. This innovative tool “digests” the vast amounts of information generated by top financial analysts and presents it to you in the form of actionable data in real time!

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The Traders Trends Feature presents the buy and sell trends of traders, updating every few minutes. The displayed percentages of an instrument’s sentiment value are calculated to the nearest 1%, and are derived from real data of live open & recently closed positions.

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Trading Central

Trading Central indicators offer insights regarding market and trading instrument momentum, forecasted volatility and movement, and more data that is accessible directly in the Trader.

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Filter, search and find the top trending instruments in real-time market conditions via the Trending Now Feature. Available in the Web Trader platform and iOS/Android apps, the Trending Now Feature can help you pinpoint which instruments rank at the top of lists in several categories.

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Events & Trade

Designed specifically with informed traders in mind, our Events & Trade service sorts through the annual economic calendar, presenting you with potential trading opportunities on a variety of currency pairs and at a number of different time frames.

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