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What are Bitcoin Futures?
In general, futures are agreements to buy or sell specific assets on a specified future date at a set price. Your CFD on the Bitcoin Futures contract will be based on CME Bitcoin Futures. The Bitcoin Futures will settle in cash and the underlying cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) itself will not be delivered, meaning that you can trade Bitcoin Futures without risks associated with owning actual Bitcoins.
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What cryptocurrencies are offered on
Bitcoin Futures
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What is cryptocurrency (“Crypto”)?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset serving as a digital medium of exchange.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency with its own symbol and rate in 2009. Later, more and more types of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin were added and their use worldwide started to become more widespread. Public interest in them has increased steadily over the years and they are highly tradeable assets due to their volatile characteristics.

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What is the difference between real cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency CFDs?

Purchasing cryptocurrencies often involves setting up accounts or Virtual Wallets with specialist exchange sites. It could mean you have to manage different currencies across a number of unregulated exchange sites and pay high conversion fees on each one. 

With you trade Contracts for Difference (“CFDs”). CFDs allow you to go long or short on an asset without actually owning it. We offer a few cryptocurrency CFDs which means you can manage your portfolio in one place. is operated by SafeCap Investments Ltd which is fully regulated by CySEC.

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What are the trading hours of Crypto CFDs on
Sunday 23:00 GMT - Friday 22:00 GMT (with a daily break from 22:00 to 23:00 GMT)
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Do I need Virtual Wallets or special accounts to trade Cryptocurrency on
No. Trading Crypto CFDs on doesn’t require anything besides opening an account and making a deposit.
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What fees are involved in Crypto CFD trading?
There are no fees involved with Crypto CFD trading on, nor are there any commission.
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Trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies carries significant risk of loss of all invested amounts. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile instruments. Please read the Investment Services Agreement clauses 17.3-17.6 to fully understand the additional risks associated with trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies.