Trade stocks with inside knowledge of what company bosses are doing

How would you trade Facebook if you knew the company's bosses had sold stock worth more than $2.5bn in the last three months?

Use the data on whether bosses are buying or selling to take a position on where Facebook is going

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Insider's Stuff

  • Using our big data and quantitative analysis tools build trading strategies based on corporate insiders
  • Find which stocks are hot with executives
  • We give you the knowledge to see how important each transaction in a stock is

With Insider's Stuff you see when company bosses are buying or selling, giving you actionable trading insight before others get to see it

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*Insiders Stuff analysts data made by over 36,000 corporate insiders, defined as company executives, board members and directors.

How Insider's Stuff works:
How to use the tool to make more informed trading decisions


Based on what corporate bosses are doing Insiders Stuff shows you which stocks are trending and signals what the insider sentiment is and when and what the last transaction was.

See how the performance of the stock has been affected by the insider transactions with integrated charts and widgets.


View detailed analysis of transaction history in a simple user interface that let’s see who’s been buying and selling.

Our powerful algorithm ranks transactions based on past performance and then see month by month what insiders have been doing and how it’s affected the stock’s price.

View individual buys and sells, who’s behind them, what their role is in the company and how their trades rank.


Our proprietary algorithm turns big data into actionable trading signals you can trade with.
Take a position instantly from the dashboard using our state of the art platform. Choose your direction, your trade size, set stops & limits as needed and place the trade in a single click.


Continually monitor your positions and incoming insider transactions on the platform and with customised alerts. Once you've hit your targets, close out your trade with a simple click on the platform or via the app.

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We have approximately 5 million registered accounts with us


We’re a global brand, operated by companies with licences in multiple jurisdictions. We operate segregated client accounts to keep your funds secure.


We offer 24/5 customer support and Live Chat in the platform to answer all your account or trade queries.

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