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Did you know there's a 66% chance that EURUSD will fall in the 48 hours after the ECB meeting?

Learn how FX pairs will move on economic data with our unique interactive economic calendar, Events & Trade

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Interactive economic calendar for the FX markets showing all the big data releases including central banks, non-farm payrolls & PMIs, giving you trading strategies on our wide range of currency pairs.

Proprietary algorithm scans consensus data from over 30 leading economists from across the globe, giving you the results as the markets move.  Identifies trading strategies by forecasting how individual financial markets are likely to react in the short and medium term

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We show you the economic events that move the markets. Find all the important events that move the markets and see what trading opportunities are available 


Analyse and select a trading opportunity that is right for you.


Our state of the art proprietary platform allows you to trade your strategy directly from the tool.


Monitor the strategy with custom alerts by SMS or on our app.

Events & Trade in Action

The setup:

Events & Trade shows a 66% chance that EURUSD will fall in the 48 hours after the ECB meeting 

What happened?

EURUSD slid more than 50 pips over the next 48 hours.

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