Trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 with real-time sentiment analysis of thousands of client positions

  • Go long or short on Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash CFDs
  • Trade the crypto market 24/7* with industry-leading tools and live sentiment analysis
  • No need to open a wallet, no exchange risk: trade cryptos in a fully regulated environment
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Traders Trend: A Powerful Crypto Trading Tool

Analyses thousands of client trades to keep you in sync with the market pulse

See how others are positioned so you can decide to follow the crowd or trade your own way

Uses real-time data so you know exactly when and how clients are shifting their position on a market

Use the Crowd to Trade Cryptos


See position data of thousands of clients with our real-time analysis of every trade on our state of the art platform.

Tells you the proportion of clients who are buying and the proportion that is selling.

Allows you to compare your trading strategy with others, giving you a real sense of the market's view of an asset.


Check your trading strategy by comparing crowd sentiments against other technical indicators.

Use trends and momentum indicators to determine whether the chart patterns are suggesting you should go long or short.


On our state of the art platform choose the direction, trade size, targets and place your trade directly in the analyst dashboard.


Keep in touch with the crowd with our unique settlement alerts. Tailor your alert to get informed when the sentiment of the market reaches a predefined level of buyers or sellers, producing an actionable insight that you can trade off.

Check your open positions on the platform, on the mobile app and with customised alerts. When your targets have been reached, close your trade with a single click in the platform or from the app.