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Spread Per Unit 20.00 USD Spread (%) 0.4906 %
Premium Buy -0.1250 % Premium Sell -0.1250 %
Initial Margin 10.0000 % Maintenance Margin 5.0000 %
Leverage 1:10 Expires daily no Traders Trends
Trading CFDs carries risk and could result in the loss of your deposit, please trade wisely. Read full Risk Disclosure.
Trading hours(GMT)
Sun 21:05 – Sun 05:00

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Bitcoin – A Quick Overview

  • Bitcoin is a finite, decentralized digital currency, not tied to any government or bank.
  • The payments using Bitcoin can be done instantly anywhere across the globe using peer-to-peer technology for a very nominal cost.
  • The tasks like tracking of the transactions and issuing new money are managed collectively by the network, making it safe and anonymous to an extent.