Helen Thomas

Consultant Contributor

Helen is CEO of BlondeMoney, a consultancy that analyses the mispriced risks in financial markets, from politics to liquidity and beyond.

Helen worked in the City for almost twenty years on trading floors and with fund managers before setting up her own macro research consultancy. She has also worked in politics, as an adviser to former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and as lead researcher on the book by Matthew Hancock MP about the causes of the financial crisis.

Helen is also a Board member of CFA UK and a Freeman of the City of London.

Twitter: @MarketBlondes
Contact: https://blondemoney.co.uk/

Contributions: 24

Opinions from Helen Thomas

mer, 6 octobre 2021

Germany Coalition Colours

With elections done, now comes the tricky part for Germany. Blonde Money and macroeconomics expert Helen Thomas is on hand to explain how Germany's next coalition might look.

jeu, 30 septembre 2021

The US Debt Ceiling: The Only Way Is Up

Helen Thomas is back with a look at how Republicans can stifle Biden with one of their key tools: the debt ceiling.

lun, 20 septembre 2021

Germany: Code Red!

With German federal elections rapidly approaching, Blonde Money's Helen Thomas is on hand to chart the political direction of Europe's top economy.

lun, 21 septembre 2020

US Presidential Election

Congressional Elections: Why do they matter?

While the race for the White House has received outsized attention, developments such as the failure to reach a new coronavirus relief bill and the looming threat of a government shutdown have heightened the stakes in the battle for control of Congress. The House of Representatives looks firmly in the hands of the Democrats after the inroads they made in the 2018 midterms. Control of the Senate is therefore crucial. It’s currently in Republican hands and the Democrats would need to win four seats of the twenty-three up for grabs in order to gain an overall majority.

jeu, 20 août 2020

US Presidential Election

Mail-in Ballots: The Battle That Will Decide the War?

With the coronavirus pandemic calling into question the safety of in-person voting this November, many states have already taken steps towards allowing voters to cast their ballots from home. President Trump has repeatedly spoken out against such actions, citing rampant voter fraud as a potential consequence of mail-in voting. However, behind the veneer of concern for electoral integrity, lies the real reason for Trump’s focus on the issue: turnout.

ven, 14 août 2020

US Presidential Election

US Presidential Election: Step Forward, Kamala

After months of deliberation and internal conflict, the Biden campaign announced this week that Kamala Harris would join his ticket this November. Praised for her articulate dynamism during the primaries, and famed for her debating acumen, this choice will inject some much-needed energy into the Democratic ticket.

mar, 4 août 2020

US Presidential Election

What will happen to the US dollar if Trump wins re-election?

After years of threatening a devaluation, in the face of China’s own currency manipulation, President Trump recently indicated that he is now in favour of a strong dollar. Given the President’s inconsistency on the issue, and the current turbulent economic environment, what exactly would a second term entail for the most important currency in the world?

jeu, 2 juillet 2020


Blonde Money US Nonfarm Payrolls Preview

XRay regular and Blonde Money CEO Helen Thomas explains why this week’s US nonfarm payrolls report is as much a political event as an economic one.

ven, 26 juin 2020

US Presidential Election

US Presidential Election: Not Red, Not Blue, but Green to win?

With a recent poll showing that 14% of registered voters see climate change as the most important challenge facing the country, victory in November may well hinge on the success or failure of the respective parties to own this issue. For context, such a figure implies that around 30 million voters could cast their ballots this Autumn with the environment at the forefront of their thinking – that’s two to three times as many as in 2016.

lun, 22 juin 2020

US Presidential Election

How will the US-China relationship define the Presidential election?

Trump knows that antagonising China is a dangerous game. But in the run up to the election, it’s also a political necessity. Before the coronacrisis, there was already a perfect storm of economic and security disputes brewing between the US and China. Covid-19 compounded all the existing issues as well as adding a whole new dimension to the rift. Tension is escalating on all fronts.

mer, 17 juin 2020


BlondeMoney Bank of England rate decision preview

BlondeMoney CEO Helen Thomas explains what to watch out for from the upcoming Bank of England policy decision.

lun, 8 juin 2020

US Presidential Election

US Presidential Election 2020: The Coronavirus Election

The outcome of the US Election depends on who swing state voters perceive to be the candidate best placed to fight the twin health and economic crises. Trump has the advantage of incumbency and healthy campaign coffers, but Biden polls well in swing states. This is Donald’s to lose, and Joe will be hoping to pick up the pieces.

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