Technical Analysis Part 1: Rules you need to know and the big questions

Meet Stephen Hoad, an experienced trader and educator in the field of technical analysis, and discover the key topics you will cover in the coming episodes.

Find out why technical analysis is a powerful addition to your trading strategy.

Learn the key rules of technical analysis that will inform every trading decision and get the answers to the most burning questions you always wanted to ask, but never had the opportunity.

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Part 2: Essential Chart Knowledge – The Basics 

Part 3: Direct Price Analysis (DPA) Tools 

Part 4: Price Confirmation Tools Part  Trend & Momentum 

Part 5: Volume, Volatility, and Sentiment 

Part 6: Alternative Concepts – New Approaches to Technical Analysis 

Part 7: Japanese Charts 

Part 8: Strategy Design and Implementation 

Part 9: Risk and Trade Management 

Part 10: Putting it All Together