Bitcoin Futures

You can now trade Bitcoin in a fast, secure and hassle-free way with Our Bitcoin Futures CFD trading doesn’t require any technical knowledge, nor do you need to install virtual wallets. Just use our responsive web trader or download the app for Android or iOS to start trading Bitcoin.

What is a Bitcoin Futures?

In general, futures are agreements to buy or sell specific assets on a specified future date at a set price. Your CFD on the Bitcoin Futures contract will be based on CME Bitcoin Futures. The Bitcoin Futures will settle in cash and the underlying cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) itself will not be delivered, meaning that you can trade Bitcoin Futures without risks associated with owning actual Bitcoins.

Other advantages of Bitcoin Futures trading in include:

Risk Management Tools

With Bitcoin Futures trading you can mark your desired thresholds (Stop Loss, Take Profit, etc) to potentially optimize your trading performance.

Secure Trading Platform

Unlike real Bitcoin trading, you are trading only the Bitcoin Futures. This means you are immune to cybercrime, scams and other hazards.

We Support PayPal

You can deposit money with PayPal and start trading Bitcoin Futures. We also allow the use of credit cards, wire transfers and more.

Bitcoin Futures - Trading Conditions

Trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies carries significant risk of loss of all invested amounts. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile instruments. Please read the Investment Services Agreement clauses 17.3-17.6 to fully understand the additional risks associated with trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies.

Trading CFDs carries risk and could result in the loss of your deposit, please trade wisely. Read full Risk Disclosure.
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