Your Favourite Trading Platform Just Got Better

The latest major update to our trading platform is now live. We'd like to thank you all for supporting it from day one and for providing us with invaluable feedback that continues to help us improve your user experience. Below you will find a brief description of the latest changes.

Dedicated Instrument & Account Panels

You will notice that the “Instrument Categories” and “Popular” tabs on the main menu have been removed in this new version. The instruments section on the left-hand side of the platform is now a dedicated panel that allows quicker access to our available assets.

The same is true for the account section, which is now a panel dedicated to your account management. It provides you with the key statistics at a glance, while allowing you to easily manage your funds and switch between your demo and real account. It will also provide a much smoother and friendlier registration and verification process for new users.

Improved Menus

We have optimised our menu structure to give the platform a more intuitive feel and to simplify navigation, with the main idea being to reduce the number of clicks required to execute any action or to pull up a piece of information.

A floating “Open Positions” widget has also been added, allowing you to quickly get a sense of how your account is performing while trading.

There's also a new “Price Alerts” tab to help you keep track of and manage all the alerts you have set.

Refined Asset Monitoring

Below the main menu, you will notice that there is now an asset price list that used to appear in the instruments panel of the old platform. Clicking on any of the instrument categories in the instruments panel will update this list and repopulate it with the relevant data. This section has been overhauled so that it now includes more information at a glance than the old platform's buy, sell and % change figures. You can now view our Traders Trend percentage split, as well as a mini chart trend visualisation tool that provides you with a thumbnail chart of every asset in the list.

Powerful Decisions-supporting Tools

All of the aforementioned refinements simplify how you navigate around the platform, provide you with much more data at a glance and allow you to make the very most of our growing selection of decisions-supporting tools:

  • Events & Trade - Filters economic events by whether they have met the expectations of analysts and presents you with the general trend according to the past twelve occasions the report was announced.
  • Trending Now - Allows you to quickly sort through our extensive list of assets using a number of different criteria, including highest percentage increases/decreases, most volatile, 52 week highs/lows and more.
  • Daily Analyst Recommendations - Provides you with stock trading recommendations from leading analysts in the space who are ranked according to their success rates, average return per recommendation and the statistical significance of their analysis.
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