Markets Consensus

We are pleased to announce the extensive collaboration between Safecap Investments Limited, which operates, and TipRanks, a leading provider of aggregated Big Financial Data.

With the assistance of advanced technologies and algorithms, TipRanks has created several cutting-edge and user-friendly decision-supporting tools in order to enhance your knowledge of the global financial markets and sentiments. Our new TipRanks service package will be known as Markets Consensus.

Markets Consensus will offer you advanced analytical tools on financial insights.

The first tool, Daily Analyst Recommendations (DAR), is already available on our trading platform. This innovative tool collects all the information available by leading financial analysts and presents it to you as real time data.

With the Markets Consensus package you will be able to:

Access aggregated data from the most recent Analyst Recommendations Available now!
Get a first-hand feel of the global financial markets via Insider’s Stuff.
Learn about the world’s top financial bloggers opinion with our Social Sentiment.
Gain access to in-depth latest Hedge Funds’ Activity!
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